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You will receive
1 – Two cup turner / Cuptissserie / Tumbler Turner / cup spinner (the list of names can go on and on)
3 – Interchangeable arms (footballs attached to keep the tumbler secure) this gives you multiple sizes to accommodate different cup sizes. ***We are currenlty out of the small arms so you will receive Medium in its place***

We only sell high quality cup turners. (He is a perfectionist when it comes to woodworking) The 2-cup turner has individual switches and motors but only one plug. There are two drilled spots at the top to act as a drying rack or if you’re like me know which tumbler is next in line to be epoxied.  Each of our turners are handmade and ready to start as soon as you open the box. The turners are unpainted so you can customize it to fit your style and personality. These turners are perfect for the epoxy step in creating custom beautiful tumblers. Either using glitters, alcohol inks, fabric or something more the turner can handle the weight of the cup and keeps it spinning. 

So if you enjoy making tumblers or you are looking to start, this turner will help you achieve your goals.

We are available to you at all times for any question you may have. 

All turners are fully tested and inspected prior to shipping.  They are set to spin for a minimum of 12 hours then spin in the opposite direction for an additional 12 hours. Once we know they are fully functioning they are boxed and ready to sell.

We try to ship the next day when possible and do our best to keep them in stock (sometimes that is impossible but we will always ship within the time window stated)

You can find us on facebook at (all sales and promotions are posted on Facebook)

2-Cup same side Turner, individual motors and switches