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Just getting started in making Tumblers?

This is the all in one mini starter kit for creating tumblers and other one of a kind drinkware.

Included in the kit 

Single tumbler turner (fully ready, motor and arms included) ***We are currenlty out of the small arms so you will receive Medium in its place***
Alumilite Epoxy 16oz kit (8oz of part A and part B) 
1 Tumbler
Gloves (universal size 10 glove pack)
Measuring cups for epoxy (sleeve of 100)
Paper Mixing cups for Epoxy 
Popsicle sticks for mixing Epoxy 
Alcohol wipes for prepping tumbler 
Baby Wipes for cleanup 
4 pack of foam brushes 
Mod Podge 
Glitter (4 - 0.5oz packs for getting started) Colors will be picked at random
Alcohol Ink (3 bottles to get started) Colors will be picked at random
Makeup sponges for application 


You can find us on facebook at (all sales and promotions are posted on Facebook)

Beginner tumbler making kit Mini, Cup turner included